Early last year, the City Council decided to do a study on the comprehensive recreational/activities and program space needs assessment. The purpose of this study was to gather community feedback on The City of College Park’s facilities, trails, amenities, programs, future planning, communication, and more.

Furthermore, there was a need to assess senior program offerings specifically. This survey research effort and subsequent analysis were designed to assist The City of College Park in developing a plan to reflect the community’s desires, needs, and priorities for the future.

The goal was to ensure all residents had a chance to voice their opinion in this process. The consultant Greenplay LLC held 7 focus group meetings with a total of 125+ participants.

Additionally, 3,500 mailings with survey questions were sent to all city residents. 497 residents completed these surveys, leading to a +/-4.4% margin of error. Subsequently, the survey was made open to all city residents. 40 residents completed the open link survey.

According to the survey results, the top priorities include: (a) More/improved open spaces and natural areas (3.9) tie (b) Increased focus on health and wellness (3.9) tie (c) More/improved indoor facilities (3.8) (d) Additional active adults’ programs (3.8).

You can see the complete survey results here: https://www.kabircares.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/College-Park-Findings-Presentation-7.31.2020.pdf . Please review the survey results and let us know what you think. Though due to COVID-19, residents are having limited access to the outdoor and indoor recreational activities and programs, the City is preparing itself to meet the future needs of the community.