The Council will discuss the second and final phase of the Duvall Field development project. Duvall Field is the home of the College Park Boys and Girls Club, and has seen countless games of youth soccer, football and lacrosse played on its fields. It is also a great community space as events like National Night Out and Night at the Movies have been held there. Sports facilities like this usually need 3G football pitch surfacing, marking the field and courts, maintenance of equipment, etc.

As part of the first phase of the renovation of the Duvall Field facilities, the old concession stand was torn down and a brand new beautiful concession building was erected in its place. The plaza has also been upgraded with tons of added seating areas as well as state-of-the-art stormwater management and bio-retention features. The project has been supported by the State and our State legislative delegation with Program Open Space and Bond Bill Funds.

A state bond bill was requested in 2017 to replace the existing field lighting and $150,000 was received. The State agreement in the bill is broadly worded to include planning, design, construction, reconstruction and capital equipping for Duvall Field. A comprehensive improvement plan was previously prepared for this facility over 10 years ago but is now out of date and should be revisited.

Staff believes that the important next step is to determine the amenities and facilities to be included in the park, the construction phasing and allocation of funding. This could be accomplished by retaining a parks and recreation design firm to prepare a new conceptual plan for Duvall with input from the community.

It is likely that the field area south of the concessions building would be the next phase for design and construction with the area to the north that includes the playground and parking as the third and final phase.