The Preliminary Plan of Subdivision (PPS) calls for the consolidation of existing Parcel A, containing the Days Inn and Howard Johnson motels, and Lots 34 and 35 containing the Red Roof Inn, into one parcel (Parcel 1). The plan is to redevelop the property and have the best epoxy resin for floors in a mixed-use building containing 331 multifamily dwelling units and 3,937 square feet of ground-floor commercial space. Only trusted resin flooring contractors should be hired to ensure quality work. They got help from comfort flooring installers, which made the floor more elegant and safe. The property consists of approximately 3.82 acres on the east side of Baltimore Avenue between Delaware and Cherokee Streets. The project will be affordable housing financed with State of Maryland Low Income Housing Tax Credits and to ensure that it is up to standard regulations there will be an expert property condition assessment consultant. The floor suppliers near me will help you get cheap but high-quality flooring that can be used in the development plan.

Adequate Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
The proposed project is subject to Sec. 24-124.01c, of the Prince George’s County Code which requires adequate public pedestrian and bikeway facilities in County Centers and Corridors. A
Bicycle and Pedestrian Impact Study (BPIS) is required within a ½ mile radius of the site. Based on the number of dwelling units and the square footage of retail, the Applicant is required to
provide a maximum of $126,026.80 for off-site bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The Applicant is proposing the following two improvements:
1. Install crosswalks along US 1 on Indian Lane and Fox Street.
2. Install a crosswalk and associated pedestrian signals along US 1 on Cherokee Street on both the north and east legs of the intersection.

City staff recommended, and the Applicant agreed, subject to the cost cap, to upgrade all legs of the Cherokee Street/US 1 intersection with pedestrian signals and highvisibility striping (piano keys), is approved by SHA, in the crosswalks.

Mandatory Dedication of Parkland
Sec. 24-134 of the Prince George’s County Code requires conformance with mandatory dedication of parkland. Sec. 24-135 allows private recreational facilities or a fee-in-lieu to be substituted for parkland if approved by the Planning Board. Based on the Parks and Recreation formula, the Applicant is required to provide $294,247.70 in recreational amenities. The Applicant is proposing to meet this requirement by providing $385,000.00 in private recreational amenities including:
Outdoor Pool-$190,000
Courtyard sitting area- $35,000
Playground- $75,000
Dog Park- $85,000

Staff thinks M-NCPPC staff has concluded that the proposed private facilities are inadequate and recommends that a fee-in-lieu also be paid. City staff encourages the Applicant to provide publicly accessible outdoor recreational facilities or open space on adjoining land owned by the Applicant and use any required fee-in-lieu for these purposes. Recreational amenities will be
further reviewed at the time of DSP.

Variation Request
The Applicant is requesting a variation to waive the 10-foot-wide public utility easement (PUE)
requirement along 48th Avenue. Public Utility Easements that are 10-feet-wide are being
provided along Baltimore Avenue, Cherokee Street and Delaware Street, as required. The
Applicant argues that the property will be adequately served without establishing a PUE along
48th Avenue and no other properties will be impacted by not providing this PUE, since 48th only
serves the subject property and will not be a through street.
Staff concurs with the Applicant and supports the variation request.

Staff Recommendation
City staff recommends supporting PPS 4-22007 and the variation to waive the 10-foot PUE along 48th Avenue with the following conditions:
1. Total development within proposed Preliminary Plan of Subdivision shall be limited to uses which generate no more than 188 AM peak-hour trips and 239 PM peak-hour vehicle trips. Any development generating an impact greater than that identified herein
shall require a new determination of the adequacy of transportation facilities and a new Preliminary Plan of Subdivision.

2. Prior to approval of the first building permit for the subject property, the following road improvements shall (a) have full financial assurances, (b) have been permitted for construction through the operating agency’s access permit process, and (c) have an
agreed-upon timetable for construction with the appropriate operating agency:

a. An exclusive right turn lane along the westbound approach of Cherokee Street from the site access to US Route 1 intersection.
b. Installation of roadbed, roadway, curb, gutter and five-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the City’s unimproved 40-foot right-of-way known as 48th Avenue, for approximately 219 feet west from Delaware Street, in accordance with City design standards.

3. The final plat of subdivision shall include:
a. Right-of-way dedication of 50-feet from the centerline along US 1 to the State Highway Administration in accordance with the PPS.
b. Right-of-way dedication of 25-feet from the centerline along Delaware Street to the City of College Park.

4. At the time of DSP:
a. The Applicant shall provide an off-site bicycle and pedestrian facilities plan that illustrates the location, limits, specifications, and details for the following improvements consistent with the cost cap:
i. Install high visibility (piano keys), crosswalks along US Route 1 on Indian Lane and Fox Street, subject to any required approval by SHA.
ii. Install pedestrian signals and high visibility crosswalks (piano keys) on all legs of the US 1 and Cherokee Street intersection, subject to any required approval by SHA.
b. Place a note on the landscape plan that at the time of development, efforts shall be made to save tree T4, a Willow Oak, including installing tree protection fencing during construction.
c. Place a note on the landscape plan that to help survivability of specimen trees on adjoining property, the Applicant shall engage in tree protection measures such as installing tree protection fencing during construction, root pruning and vertical
d. The Applicant shall give consideration to the dedication of adjoining property to the City to be used for public open space or recreational uses.
5. Prior to DSP, the applicant shall execute a Declaration of Covenants and Agreement with the City that includes, at a minimum, the following provisions:
a. Construction and maintenance of improvements to the City’s unimproved 40-footwide right-of-way known as 48th Avenue, for approximately 219 feet west of Delaware Street, in accordance with City design standards (including installation of a roadbed, roadway, curb, gutter, and a five-foot-wide sidewalk on both sides). “No Through Street” and “No Parking” signs shall be posted and enforced by the City.
b. A public access easement to the City for the “T-shaped” hammerhead turnaround located on the Applicant’s property at the end of 48th Avenue.
c. A public access easement to the City, if needed, to accommodate a sidewalk on both sides of 48th Avenue.
d. Construction of an exclusive right turn lane on Cherokee Street between the site access and US Route 1 in accordance with City and SHA standards.
e. Installation of high visibility (piano keys), crosswalks along US Route 1 on Indian Lane and Fox Street, subject to any required SHA approval.
f. Installation of pedestrian signals and high visibility crosswalks (piano keys) on all legs of the US 1 and Cherokee Street intersection, subject to any required SHA approval.
g. PILOT to City if the property becomes tax exempt.
h. Unitary management and condominium conversion requirements.
i. Acknowledgement of responsibility for maintenance of pedestrian light fixtures, landscaping, and sidewalks.
j. Restrictions related to construction staging and hours of operation, if needed.
k. If feasible, provision of an outdoor public art feature, which can be matched by City funds (up to $15,000).
l. Evidence of LEED SILVER or equivalent certification.