Council to Discuss Residents Shuttle Bus Service

At tonight’s Council worksession, we will discuss a proposal from Mayor Pro Tem Mitchell and me for a commuter bus shuttle for residents of College Park Woods and north College Park.

Two requests for shuttle bus service were included in the FY16 Mayor & Council Wish List. Both of these requests were tabled during the budget worksession and placed on the budget “parking lot” for future investigation and consideration.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mitchell requested shuttle bus service for residents of College Park Woods to the College Park Metro station during peak hours M-F 6am-9am and 4pm-7pm (3 hours for each shift). I also requested a circulator bus service between College Park Woods, North College Park and the Greenbelt Metro station (main entrance) M-F 7am-9am and 5pm-7pm (2 hours for each shift).

The Town of University Park has a similar circulator bus where the residents can ride free.

The wish list response included the approximate cost of each request, using 2 CDL bus drivers with passenger endorsement, additional vehicle fuel and maintenance, totaling $87,200 for the College Park Woods request and $62,000 for the Woods/North College Park request.

At tonight’s  worksession, the Council will discuss and may select one of the following options

  • Perform a “needs assessment” in an effort to accurately project the need for this service.
  • Determine whether there are current transit services that provide equivalent service. There are currently U-MD Shuttle Bus routes, Prince George’s County  TheBus routes, and WMATA bus service routes that serve the areas that these shuttle bus routes would be proposed to serve.
  • Continue investigating the cost of purchasing a bus that could navigate the neighborhoods involved and how to cover the need for backup.
  • Investigate the possibility and cost of contracting this service out to UMD Transportation Services or other shuttle operators. If contracted, require that the contractor provide ridership counts on a monthly basis. If ridership falls short of projections, this contract could be terminated.
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