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Council to Discuss Recent Snow Removal Effort

At tomorrow’s Council worksession, the Council and staff will discuss and review snow removal efforts and options for future improvements. During the recent snow storm, our region received approximately 25 inches of snow in about a day and a half period of time.

Thanks to our very capable Public Works crew, the City of College Park was one of the very few jurisdictions that could claim most of our streets were open within 24 hours following this significant snow event.

Staff thinks that City crews were not able to provide curb-to-curb snow removal service because of several constraints. In order to minimize those constraints, staff is recommending the followings: (a) Park off the street whenever possible so plows can clear snow to the curb.
(b) Park on the EVEN side of the street if off-street parking is not available. Exception: if a resident’s address is odd-numbered and the area across from their house is undeveloped, park on the odd side of the street.
(c) Park close to the curb. Vehicles parked more than 12” from the curb may be ticketed or even towed, as this severely inhibits the passage of snow plow trucks. Vehicles parked in the middle of the street will be ticketed and towed.

If, however we’re willing to have something significantly less than curb to curb snow removal, staff is suggesting the followings:
(a) Plow as wide a path as is reasonably possible without striking any vehicles, realizing the closer the plow gets, the risk of hitting a vehicle and receiving a subsequent claim increases. (b) Minimize or eliminate any gaps in plowing until complete to avoid giving residents the impression that plowing has stopped, signaling that residents should clear their driveways and sidewalks.
(c) Review and redesign plow routes, if necessary, to maximize snow removal and to ensure clear lanes of travel.
(d) Increase plow driver training to support a. and c.
(e) Review equipment and staffing needs to ensure all cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets are given equal attention as secondary streets.

If you’ve additional suggestions, please let me know.


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  1. Harry

    First off, let me say I was satisfied with the way the city handled the recent storm. I was somewhat disappointed that there was no plow on me street between Sunday morning and and Tuesday morning. But, considering the circumstances, I have no real complaint.
    I would have to say that the city needs to move away from the idea of plowing streets curb to curb. It seems no matter how often you send out the message to park off the street or only on a single side, residents do not heed the message (and then often complain when streets are not cleared because of it). I noticed that with each pass of the plow, the same single lane was cleared and I wondered why with each pass, they did not expand the width, especially where there were no parked cars.
    Due to this, I feel the city would benefit from moving away from curb to curb plowing and plow a path as wide as the road conditions dictate.

  2. J. Lark

    Would be nice if the storm drains and fire hydrants were cleared out and or not plowed back in after the neighbors have dug them out.

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