Council to Discuss Program for Surveillance Cameras on Private Properties

A few months back, I asked the City Council to consider a community program to assist City’s homeowners to have security cameras in their homes. Several communities in the country (such as University Park) currently run similar programs.

In addition to this assistance program, many communities across the country have initiated voluntary security camera community registration programs. These are designed to provide video evidence to police investigators after a crime has occurred. Most of the programs reviewed by staff provide for a simple online registry where residents and businesses may add their addresses to the list of private security camera systems from which the police may request video data.

Some communities network these systems for real-time police access. A few offer grants or rebates to residents and businesses to help defray the cost of these systems.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will discuss these programs and will consider one of these four options. (1) Establish a reward program which would provide a monetary reward for providing police with video evidence leading to the arrest of a criminal suspect. (2) Establish a registry where residents and businesses could add their addresses to a list and provide police with access to any video evidence of criminal activity (3) Establish a rebate program to supplement the purchase cost of a residential or business security camera system which is added to a registry of such systems (4) Establish a combined registry and reward or rebate program.

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