Hollywood Post Office

Hollywood Post Office, College Park

In recent years, the City Council has received complaints or sent letters to USPS and federal representatives to discuss many issues at two College Park Post Offices.

In the past, we collected some of the complaints from residents to the Post Office Operations. We also sent a letter to Congressman Hoyer with these issues.

Unfortunately, many of these issues still persist.

The potential issues the Council will discuss at tomorrow’s meeting include:

(a) North College Park Post Office Customer Experience: customer service complaints.
(b) Mail delivery issues, such as mail being miss-delivered, mail taking a long time to reach its destination, mail getting lost.
(c) Theft of mail from post office mailboxes: (d) Condition of the Calvert Road Post Office building: Public Services reports that repairs have been made.
(d) Noise from driver training in the parking lot at Calvert Road Post Office: Public Services investigated and reports that noise readings do not exceed the City’s noise code.

The City understands that US postal police are conducting a region-wide investigation.

Mr. John Campbell, Regional Director of Post Office Operations, and Ms. Tanya White, Postmaster, North College Park Post Office, will attend the Council Worksession.

Please let me know if you continue to have issues with the services at the Hollywood Post Office.