Council to Discuss Ped Streetlights Maintenance on Route 1 Near Mazza Appartments

Mazza Grandmarc Apartments is located at 9530 Baltimore Avenue and opened in 2011. The Detailed Site Plan, DSP 04049, showed six (6) pedestrian streetlights to be installed in the dedicated Route 1, Baltimore Avenue, right-of-way. The streetlights were in fact
installed on the Mazza Grandmarc Apartment’s property. Had the pedestrian streetlights been installed in the right-of-way, the City would have been responsible for the electric and maintenance. Since the pedestrian streetlights are on private property, the City and the property owner have agreed that, in lieu of relocating the lights into the right-of-way, the Owner will undertake maintenance of the streetlights.

The City Attorney has prepared the attached Declaration of Covenants And Agreement Regarding Land Use between the City and the property owner stating that the owner agrees to maintain the six pedestrian lights required by DSP 04049, including repair and
replacement of said lights if necessary, for so long as the DSP, as it may be amended from time to time, is in effect for the Property.

The Council will discuss the covenant at this Tuesday’s worksession. The staff is recommending that the City Council review and approve that Declaration of Covenants.

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