The hard to find sidewalks on Route 1 in north College Park

Several months ago, Council member Wojahn and I met our City engineer Steve Halpern on the east side of Route 1, just north of MD 193 – the University Blvd. We spent about an hour and walked along this northern stretch of the road until we hit an area close to the northern boundary near the post office .

Simply put, other than a few small segments, Route 1 does not have a contiguous side walk. Even the parts where there are sidewalks, these sidewalks are broken need urgent repairs. There are also severe problems of pedestrian safety in the area, when it comes to crossing the street from one side to another.  During our tour, we identified these areas and Mr. Halpern later asked the State Highway to review the need of building new sidewalks, repair the existing ones and also build new crosswalks and possibly new pedestrian signals along Route 1.

At tomorrow’s Council worksession, representatives from SHA will come and present their reports on the study they did following our request. I will let you know their findings after tomorrow night’s discussion.