At tonight’s meeting, the City Council will discuss a list of requests or comments on the FY19 budget for the parks managed by the MNCPPC.

Some of the items that are currently in the FY18-FY23 Capital Improvement Program include
1) Paint Branch SVP-College Park Woods Trail- estimated 1.7 million; $500,000 appropriated
2) Paint Branch Hiker Biker- University Blvd- connect College Park Wood to Paint branch trail- est. $275,000
3) rehab of Calvert Road Park -scheduled for 2021.

Some other items that are not currently in the budget but could benefit North College Park money for field upgrades at Hollywood Park (photo below). Last fall a committee of community members met with MNCPPC staff to discuss uses at Hollywood Park. Please see here the recommendations about the park improvements from the North College Park Citizens Association.
NCPCA Hollywood Park Committee Final Report Presentation 10-11-16 Approved

Hollywood Community Park

Consensus from the community was that the smaller softball field should be removed and the area along with some of the current grassy area should be reconfigured for a multi-use soccer and cricket field. Portable goals were requested as well as a mulched path from the entrance gate on Lackawanna to the current asphalt path.

Other requests may include funding for a community center in North College Park. Previous MNCPPC budgets had $50,000 allocated to study the location of a community center in North College Park. The money was not utilized and MNCPPC has not engaged the community in moving forward with a community center.