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Council to Discuss Increasing Cost of Bulk Trash Collection

The City has noticed that requests for bulk trash and special item collections in College Park have been increasing. For example, from 2014 to 2017, the bulk trash tonnage has increased by 147%, electronics by 249% and white appliances by 249%.

Currently, the Public Works (DPW) received 6,951 work order requests in FY17 of which 3,813 were for bulk trash collections, 852 were for electronics, 582 were for white goods/appliances.

Staff researched bulk collection practices in other Maryland municipalities. Most communities will collect bulky items by appointment; and many charge a fee for this service. Many jurisdictions limit the number of bulk or special items collected per year or have either established a flat fee or a unitized fee schedule for special collections. In addition, many communities have limited the amount of bulk trash collected by establishing a reasonable size (in cubic yards), or limit the number of items that can be set out for a collection.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will discuss how best to address continued increases in volume and costs associated with bulk trash and special item collections.


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  1. Harvy

    I would have to say the issue needs to be addressed on a case by case issue. Amounts of bulk trash as pictured should be assessed a fee for collection. However, for people wanting to dispose of large item that would not normally be collected on collection day should not be penalized. Bottom line, Public Works does a terrific job within the city and reasonable requests should continue to be honored but the hoards of trash should be charged for collection since Public Works is not in the business of disposing house clean outs. There are plenty of private companies available to handle that task.

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