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Council to Discuss Hollywood Road Extension Project

At next week’s Council worksession, the scope of services for the proposed Hollywood Road extension project will be presented. In order for this project to run smoothly, equipment such as road plates are necessary.

There is $500,000 in escrow for the planning, design and construction of the extension of Hollywood Road on the west side of Route 1 to connect to the road in front of Mazza GrandMarc Apartments. On August 8, 2014, the City Council passed a motion authorizing staff to work with Starr Insurance Holding, Inc. (Starr) to develop a scope of services for a feasibility study to extend Hollywood Road.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to prepare up to three preliminary design alternatives and construction cost estimates for the alignment of the roadway. The study does not include the preparation of construction drawings or the application for any permits for construction.

The study will be conducted by VIKA engineers under the supervision of Starr and will include the following:

  • a boundary survey,
  • topographic survey,
  • site layout and grading plans,
  • stormwater concept plan,
  • capacity analysis of the existing hydraulic seals for the storm drain culvert,
  • identification of utility conflicts,
  • a natural resource inventory to identify impacts to existing environmental features and
  • proposed right-of-way impacts on adjoining properties.

Starr will provide title reports for the abutting properties. Two meetings to present the results of the study are anticipated, one with the community and one with the City Council. The total estimated cost of the study is $66,500.

The plan requires approval by the City Council before work may proceed.


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  1. Sam

    Great news! This is a much needed fix, especially to connect the neighborhood to the Paint Branch Trail.

  2. Fazlul Kabir


    Thanks for your comments. I also encourage you to read my other post on the project to get a brief history of this project.

  3. Sam

    Thanks. I commented on that post as well, and will reiterate that I think we can support using the funds in escrow to improve bicycle access from Hollywood to the Paint Branch trail without building a new road for cars and without invoking eminent domain.

    from my previous comment:
    “Would it be possible for the developer to pay for better bicycle access to the paint branch trail instead? Hollywood road is the main access point to the trail from my neighborhood and current access is inadequately and dangerously paved. I don’t think the road needs to have motor vehicle access.”

  4. Fazlul Kabir

    Sam, Thanks for your comments. I ‘ll check if the escrow fund could be used for better bicycle access. I believe it’s meant to be used only to improve vehicular access.

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