Council to Discuss Gateway Park and Duvall Field Projects

The City of College Park has been notified that the City will be receiving $129,169 in FY 2015 POS funds based on the 2010 census population. Applications for acquisition and/or development projects must be submitted by June 20, 2014.

Typically, POS funding must be divided equally between acquisition and development projects. This year, all of our allocation may be used for development projects, which require a 25% match of local funds. The city has two development projects, Duvall Field ($979,228) and Hollywood Gateway Park ( $147,723), and an acquisition project called US Route 1 Open Space Acquisition ($575,571), which is a holding account until specific projects are identified.

Duvall Field is moving forward with the replacement of the concessions/restroom building as the first phase of the project, and requires additional matching funds before the remaining POS allocation may be utilized.

The Hollywood Gateway Park project will be ready for construction bidding in the fall. The city was recently notified that the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) grant application for this project in the amount of $250,000 was approved for only $150,886. Staff recommends that the city’s entire FY 2015 allocation of $129,169 be assigned to this project to accommodate the shortfall. Matching funds are available through the unrestricted C.I.P. Reserve and CBT grant funds could be utilized for this purpose, if needed.

The City Council previously authorized the acquisition of two additional lots in order to expand the Hollywood Gateway Park. Approximately $80,000 from the US Route 1 Open Space Acquisition account is needed to cover the purchase and related costs (appraisals, survey, settlement fees). When approved by the Board of Public Works, this will leave a balance o f$495,571 which could be allocated to other acquisition projects.

Staff is recommending allocating $129,169.03 to the Hollywood Gateway Park for the city’s FY2015 POS program and creating a new acquisition project for the expansion of Hollywood Gateway Park utilizing previous POS allocations for acquisition.

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