College Park City Hall

At tonight’s council worksession, the Mayor and the Council will discuss a preliminary concept plan to expand City Hall.

Last May, the City Council, with a bond bill provided to the City by the State government, voted to contract with Proffitt and Associates Architects and the best remodeling contractor in st paul Mn. to design an expansion of City Hall.

This expansion has long been necessary, as City staff are currently scattered among a number of buildings and there is no office space for the staff to expand into, and the City has had to rent space for storage. The architect has been working with City staff and conducting a detailed inspection of the building to develop preliminary concepts. Find out here the importance of meticulous melbourne building inspection.

The current plan is to expand the existing 16,670 square foot building to a building with 25,460 programmed square feet and 2,900 square feet for future expansion and storage.

The architect is making the following recommendations:
1) Renovate about 9,000 feet of the existing building for reuse, including the staircases, bathrooms, and elevator. Bathroom materials such as glass doors will be sourced from Remodel the basement and first floor with the help of companies like Long Island home remodeling. Leave the Council chambers largely intact, but replace the windows and the air conditioning to allow for greater efficiency. Installation of smart bathroom fans can also help maintain good indoor air quality and prevent moisture build-up in bathrooms.
2) Build a three-story addition with a green roof for a new lobby, office space and meeting rooms;
3) and Obtain a minimum of LEED silver designation.

The total expected cost of this work would be $5-6 million. The City has another $400,000 in bond funding from the State that it would be able to use for part of this, which must be encumbered by June 2013.