Council to Discuss City’s Two Farmers Market

At tonight’s meeting, the City Council plans to discuss the market master contract of City’s two farmers markets (Hollywood and downtown), and options for the year 2018. 2.

Last year, the Hollywood Market Boards voted on new members. The Board now consists of Eric Vesper, Aaron Springer (president), David Turley, Dr. Grazia, Jose Casillo, and Laurie Waltz.

For the downtown market, City staff conducted a survey to assess vendor satisfaction for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market. There was a very low turnout of customers to the market this year and the future of the market was brought into question. While vendors express dissatisfaction with the number of consumers coming to the market, they did agree to see if proposed changes will make a difference to attendance levels. Proposed changes include: increasing the number of food trucks, removing the producer only restriction, coordinating with local businesses to create events, and working with local businesses to provide complementary goods.

The Market Manager Ms. Julie Beavers has stated her desire to return to the role for the 2018 season (5th year). A new contract for the Market Manager would extend Ms. Beavers tenure at a rate of $150 per market day for one year and would be reflected in the FY19 budget. Ms. Beavers began working with the Market in 2013 with a contract containing extensions up to 3 years. Last year a new contract was drawn to allow Ms. Beavers to return for a 4th year. The FY 2018 budget allocated a total of $18,000 for both markets. Funding and scope for a Market Manager contract would remain the same for Fiscal Year 19.

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