College Park's New Website

Early last year, the City issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) for website redesign and chose Revize Software Systems (“Revize”) of  Troy, Michigan to redevelop, redesign and reorganize the City’s website.

City staff worked with a community group to determine major elements to incorporate into the website redesign. The staff web team worked very hard with the consultant to create the clean, fresh, and balanced design /layout.

At tomorrow’s worksession, the Council will look into two website design components, which consists of two major components: the homepage design layout and the sitemap of the organization.

The page design /layout includes the “wireframes” elements on the page, where even if the content changes, the section still remains. “Latest News” section, Green emergency notifications box (appears only during an emergency), “Calendar” and “Current Events” section, “Welcome to College Park” area (content can be edited at any time), City Seal, Special programs rotating box (content always editable), Location and Hours, and Connect with us (social media) sections at the bottom of the page, and finally, the bottom menu (content always editable) and the weather widget.

The sitemap organization represents the layout of categories and subcategories in the Main Green Banner. Staff can refine the categories and subcategories over time, as needed.

In order to demonstrate the site map to Council, staff created an interactive home page mock-up which shows the draft sitemap built by the staff web team with other staff input. The mockup serves an illustrative purpose; thus, focus on the content instead of fonts, etc. In the sitemap you will notice that some links show under multiple categories. Staff organized the sitemap in this way to ease navigation throughout the site for different types of users.

You can review the mockup here: . Simply hover over the green banner at this link and the subcategories will appear.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the new website and its sitemap.