Council to Discuss City’s Green Team Action Plan

Maryland sustainable certified

On March 13th, 2012 City Council passed a resolution to establish a “Green Team” with the charge ofleading the City in organizing and completing actions toward certification under the State of Maryland’s Sustainable Maryland Certified (SMC) Program.

Since August of2012 the Team has met once per month to discuss and complete the necessary requirements toward certification. The mandatory actions toward certification are the establishment of the Green Team and the creation of a 3 Year Action Plan. The Plan describes specific environmentally sustainable measures and effectively outlines a strategy towards completing actions that will allow the City to achieve certification within the SMC program. Two out of 6 priority actions are also required.

Action items within the Plan are assigned point values and are categorized among the following 8 sustainability issues: Community Action, Community Based Food Systems, Energy, Greenhouse Gas, Health and Wellness, Local Economy and Natural Resources.

New activities to be accomplished in future years including the following: building a Sustainable Maryland Resource Library within the planning office; implementing a community garden program; implementing a City/University Bikeshare program; creating a business recycling program; adopting a Maryland Smart Energy Community Policy; writing a Green Streets Grant; and implementing a Maryland Smart Energy Community Policy.

In tomorrow’s worksession, the Council will discuss the Green team’s action plan.

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