The Council will discuss ways to reducing ca

Election signs in Hollywood (District 1)

mpaign yard signs during City elections. College Park allows signs on private or commercial property with owner permission, and on City rights-of-way with notification to the Public Services Department, restricted to 45 days before and 48 hours after an election. Despite theft complaints, City staff won’t remove signs based on legal advice. Planning Director Bader stated adherence to County zoning ordinances for signs.

Greenbelt has a voluntary sign program on public property since 1991, expanded in 2005, managed by a lottery system, charging candidates $75 for participation. Bowie prohibits signs on public property and removes those violating regulations. Hyattsville bans signs in public right-of-way except on election day, with no regulation on private property. Takoma Park allows signs in the City right-of-way with size limitations, mandating removal after 14 days, expecting re-dating for prolonged placement.

These regulations reflect efforts to manage campaign signage clutter, balancing candidates’ visibility with community aesthetics and safety concerns.