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Council to Discuss Branding to Promote College Park

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At the worksession tonight, the marketing plan consultant, idfive LLC, will present their research methods and findings along with the resulting three brand concepts that may be used in future marketing. Each brand concept will be accompanied by a logo and tagline, which will be unveiled at the worksession.

Idfive’s Creative Director, Matt McDermott will make the presentation. In the course of its research, idfive solicited the opinions of more than a hundred people. It was a diverse survey outreach effort that was as varied in form as it was in the types of people who responded to them.

A sampling of respondents included current city residents, residents of nearby jurisdictions, City and County Councilmembers, neighborhood association representatives, State Senators and Delegates, local educators, small business owners, commercial developers, University of Maryland (UMD) faculty and staff, and many more.

Council will discuss the three brand concept proposals and consider which, if any, of the three the City will pursue.


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  1. Bekah

    After reading a summary in UMD’s student paper, I was pretty disappointed in most of idfive’s proposed slogans. I didn’t get to see the designs for each, but they read:

    1. A smart place to live,
    2. Small city, big possibilities
    3. Smart, naturally
    4. College Park Maryland (just plain)

    I am assuming the city is paying for idfive’s services, but I think these are all rather lackluster. Could we not have opened up a contest to city residents? I guess promoting/buying prizes is no trivial task. However, I will say, anything is better than “a livable community.” Everyone who visits us gets a laugh out of that.


  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Bekah, Thanks for your comments. I uploaded the logos and slogans idFive presented to last week’s worksession. Please take a look. Thanks.

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