At this week’s worksession, the Council will review of the 2016 market season for the Downtown Farmers Market and the Hollywood Farmers Market.

At the conclusion of the 2016 farmers market season, City staff conducted surveys to assess vendor satisfaction for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market (DCPFM). City staff also met with the leaders of the Hollywood Farmers Market and Market Master to assess the success of their market season.

We’ll also discuss the plans for the 2017 DCPFM market season, recruiting new vendors, and market advertising.

Additionally, we’ll discuss plans for the 2017Hollywood market season and the new 2017 Market Manager Contract. The current Market Manager contract has exhausted all of the extension options. Our current market master Ms. Julie Beavers has stated her desire to return in the role for the 2017 season, for the 4th year.

The FY 2017 budget allocated $9,195 for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market including a $2,250 donation from the DCPMA and $8,000 for the Hollywood Farmers Market. Adequate funds remain in these budgets to kick off the 2017 season. A new contract for the Market Manager would extend Ms. Beavers tenure at a rate of $150 per market day and would be reflected in the FY18 budget. No other increases to existing budgets are anticipated.