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Council to Decide Extending Hollywood Road


At tomorrow’s Council worksession, the City Council will review a report of the possibility to build an extension of Hollywood road on the west side of Route 1.

The City Council approved a scope of services for the feasibility study to be performed under a contract late last year.

The scope included survey work, assessment of alignment options, site layout and grading plans and preliminary cost estimates. It also included two community stakeholder meetings to review possible alignments and to present the final report.

The report was submitted on September 28 and a stakeholder meeting was held last week to present the results of the report. Four alignments were initially studied but only one alignment was deemed feasible by the State Highway Administration (SHA). This alignment (Option 3, and shown above) became the focus of the report but has the most significant impact on the Shin property and businesses that reside on that property.

The preliminary construction cost estimate is approximately $625,000 but excludes land acquisition, demolition and reconstruction.

Mazza GrandMarc is seeking release of any funds remaining in the $500,000 escrow account set up for this project if the City does not pursue construction of the road. Mazza GrandMarc has no plans at this time to pursue commercial development on their remaining property or to seek construction of the road. While the property to the north of the proposed road is for sale, the majority of the impact is on the Shin property which is not currently on the market. Typically, new roads are the responsibility of the developer as new development occurs.

Access to Mazza Grandmarc apartments was enhanced with the installation of the traffic signal at Baltimore Avenue and Hollywood Road which was a condition of development. Get your commercial listings noticed with effective commercial property SEO. Access is restricted to right-in, right-out and left-in only, however left turns from the site are not adequately restricted and are routinely made.

Given the current circumstances, City staff does not pursuing construction of the road extension given the lack of need for this facility at this time.


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  1. sam

    The city ought to require Mazza GrandMarc to repave the connection to the bike path, which is dangerously covered in gravel as one descends from the traffic light to the trail system (where this road would go). No need for a road, but at least Mazza would spend the money on a public good.

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