Since 2009 WSSC has been replacing water mains throughout the City. They have recently completed projects in the College Park Estates, Yarrow, and Lord Calvert Manor subdivisions.

After a water main project is completed, WSSC executes a second contract for the restoration (milling and paving) of the disturbed area of the street per their “prescribed limits”. Their “prescribed limits” means they will only resurface that portion of the street over which the trenching was performed. Water mains are typically located on either side of the center line of the street; therefore, the prescribed limits of restoration work are to mill and pave just one side of the street. If the water main is located in the center of the street then the entire width of the street would be resurfaced from curb to curb.

Staff is recommending that we take this opportunity to piggy-back on WSSC’s resurfacing contract for the purpose of milling and paving the other half of those streets where WSSC is only planning to pave the half they disturbed during the water main replacement project. The streets identified meet our requirements for inclusion in our Pavement Management Plan. This matter was discussed at the Budget Worksession in April. This would save City/tax payer funds, in that the contractor is already on-site doing one-half, thus saving us mobilization, administration, and material costs as well as inconvenience to the residents.

WSSC competitively bid “Solicitation No 5686 For Street Repair Services for Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland” on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 for the purpose of restoring streets that were affected by the current water and sewer main replacement projects. The contract was awarded to M.T. Laney Co, Inc, 5400 Enterprise Street, Eldersburg, MD 21784. The contract was renewed through June 30, 2014. The unit price for asphalt is reasonable at $89.06 per Ton based on 44,000 Tons estimated. Our current contract unit price is $90.00 per Ton. The unit price for milling is reasonable at $1.32 per Square Yard based on 100,000 Square Yards estimated. Our current contract unit price is $4.00 per Square yard.

In the spring of 20 11 the City piggy-backed on an earlier restoration contract with WSSC. The work took place in 2011 in the Hollywood neighborhood and it went very well and the quality of work performed was very satisfactory. M. T. Laney was WSSC’s contractor at that time. M.T. Laney’s construction crew was sensitive to our residents and cooperated with our staff in the performance of their work. All problems that did arise were addressed immediately to our satisfaction.

Based on staff’s review of the WSSC bid and our working experience with M. T. Laney Co., Inc. staff is recommending that we piggy-back on WSSC’s bid “Solicitation No 5686 For Street Repair Services For Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland”
with M. T. Laney Co., Inc. for an amount not to exceed $150,000.

Council will discuss the pavement contract at next Tuesday’s worksession.