In this week’s worksession, the City Council discussed a proposed “Human Rights” ordinance. The City has a code that for non-discrimination for the City employees, but’s is not quite defined.
Although we’re very proud of City’s record on workplace fairness, it’s important that we protect our employees and contractors from any future discrimination that may happen in future. I truly believe if a person is capable of carrying out his or her job, he or she should not be prevented from doing that job based on his or her identity.
In the worksession, I proposed to make our Human right’s ordinance as expansive as it can, to include language describing any and all kind of discrimination. Unlike Hyattsville’s Human right’s ordinance (please see it here), which does not do a good job in making detailed definitions of all different kind of discrimination (please see section 60-3. Definitions), I suggested to have separate sections defining each of them.
Please let me know if you have any questions.