parkAt tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will discuss the FY 2018 M-NCPPC budget and send a letter with College Park’s requests to preserve and enhance park amenities at City’s park facilities, in particular in Hollywood Park.

The M-NCPPC has scheduled two public forums this fall to solicit comments on the Commission’s budget for planning, parks, and recreation in Prince George’s County for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2017. The next forum will be held this Tuesday, at 7-9 pm, at Department of Parks and Recreation Administration Building, Auditorium, 6600 Kenilworth Avenue in Riverdale. Written comments will be accepted until close of business, Friday, October 28, 2016.

Representatives from the M-NCPPC attended a community meeting in College Park to discuss the options to improve the Hollywood Park, and a number of residents and Councilmembers attended. The NCPCA has sent their subcommittee report about the park.

The report asks to preserve existing amenities, such as the picnic pavilion and dozens of large trees add more amenities such as a soccer and cricket field, improved access from Lackawanna street and better entrance signage. The report also opposes the building of the proposed storm water management pond, which will destroy important park amenities, such as dozens of trees and the picnic pavilion and will limit the additions of requested amenities.

Council will take this opportunity to request funding to improve, rehabilitate, and/or expand specific parks in the City, or to fund other projects that would benefit College Park.