At tomorrow’s Council meeting the Council will consider approving a resolution in support of the fair, direct, federal emergency support to reopen and rebuild local American economies. The resolution says America’s cities and towns, like College Park face unprecedented threats due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic emergency. Municipalities are essential to America’s economic recovery and without funding support for local governments, municipalities may go from being a critical part of the economic solution to becoming a major obstacle to long-term stabilization and recovery.

America’s cities and towns will experience budgetary shortfalls of up $134 billion in the fiscal year 2020 alone, and the negative effects of the pandemic emergency on local communities will continue long after this year. Three million critical municipal worker jobs are at risk, threatening cuts to basic community services, including 9-1-1 response, sanitation, and maintenance. The City has been part of the emergency response and now calls on Congress to build a united national partnership for a safe, healthy, prosperous life. College Park has projected approximately $2 million in revenue loss due to the pandemic, while expenditures have increased.

College Park calls on Congress to allocate fair and direct federal support to all of America’s communities, regardless of population size. The resolution says the funding must be flexible and address not only the additional expenses incurred by communities to respond to the pandemic emergency, but also the dramatic budgetary shortfalls resulting from pauses in commerce, tourism, and other economic engines. Local governments, like College Park, will ensure federal funds are immediately used to rebuild and reopen the national economy. Funding will keep middle-class workers employed and critical services operating.