Council to Appoint Members to Restorative Justice Commission

Back on February 9, 2021, the Mayor and Council created a Restorative Justice Steering Committee as an initial action regarding Council Resolution 20-R-16, “Renouncing Systematic Racism and Declaring Support of Black Lives.”

The Resolution stated that the City “acknowledge and apologize for our City’s past history of oppression, particularly with regards to the Lakeland community, and actively seek opportunities for accountability and truth-telling about past injustice, and aggressively seek opportunities for restorative justice.” The Restorative Justice Steering Committee was charged with creating a framework for the Restorative Justice Commission.

At next week’s meeting, the Mayor and Council will make the initial appointments to the Restorative Justice Commission and begin the process to bring restorative justice to College Park. According to staff, the fiscal impact of the entire restorative justice effort is likely to exceed one million dollars.

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