Next week, the City Council will consider a resolution about “Wireless Facilities And Support Structures” and “Fees and Penalties” to regulate deployment and installation of wireless facilities and support structures in the city rights-of-way and to require a permit and set a fee.

The cities of Bowie, Gaithersburg and Baltimore have adopted ordinances, some zoning related and some regulating right-of-way location, after receiving assistance from cable counsel. Beginning in, 2016, the City began receiving “applications” from Mobilitie (or companies related to it) to install small cells and distributed antenna systems (“DAS”) in City rights-of-ways.

A DAS system involves placing an antenna on an existing pole or on a pole to be installed. A number of applications have been received to date, along with plans for installation of poles up to 75 feet in height.

The following City locations, all in residential areas, have been identified: (a) On 48th Ave in front of Parkside Condominiums in Lakeland (b) On Navahoe Street Across from Spellman House in Lakeland (c) Intersection Paducah Road and Palco Place in Sunnyside.