Greenbelt Sector Plan Map

In last Tuesday’s Council meting, the City Council approved several comments on the draft MD 193/ Greenbelt sector plan.

I was also very happy to see a compromise made in regards to the overpass between north College Park and Greenbelt.

Per this amendment, the feasibility study of this overpass will not include the Board of education property, as included in the original motion. (We also added the option of having an underpass in addition to overpass)

The amendment would allow connectivity between our two communities, without causing potential negative impacts to many neighbors living near the Board of education property.

I also want to thank everyone who wrote to me about the overpass option.

Here is the amended motion, which passed 4-3.

1.    Revise Strategy 2.5 on page 120 to include conducting a feasibility study for locating and financing a pedestrian/bicycle overpass or underpass in a location other than Huron Street.  Consideration should be given to locations that are south of the Board of Education property (as well as industrial property further south) to Branchville Road.