At this Wednesday’s meeting, the City Council will be discussing how to move forward with the City’s fence ordinance. (There will not be a meeting tomorrow, due to the election day).

Currently, the City’s fence ordinance is more restrictive than the County’s. City residents must obtain both City and County permits and comply with both ordinances. The two main difference between the City’s ordinance and County’s ordinance are the City’s requirement for an variance to install a new front yard fence and the City’s requirement of a 25-foot setback from the property line for all fences in the side yard of a corner property facing the street.

The City Manager has put forth a proposal which continues to require residents obtain County and City permits for fences, allows a front yard fence of 3ft without a variance, removes the 25ft setback requirement on corner lots, defines all yards abutting streets as front yards, and sets a 6 ft height limit for rear and side fences and a 4 ft height limit for fences on interior through lots.

The proposal puts forth two options for chain link in front yards either allowing replacement if it is the existing material and requiring a variance for new chain link or always requiring a variance (this option would require a homeowner to obtain a variance to replace an existing chain link fence.)

Please see the side by side comparisons of the Proposed Amended City Fence Ordinance and the County’s Fence Ordinance below.