At last week’s Worksession, the City Council heard from Senator Jim Rosapepe and City lobbyists Len Lucchi and Stephanie Anderson about the upcoming Maryland General Assembly session in January.

Based on the discussion at the meeting, below is a draft list of State legislative priorities for the Council to consider adopting.

(a) Capital Project Priorities: 1. Baltimore Avenue reconstruction from MD 193 to I-495 2. Bond bill for north College Park Community Center 3. Bond bill for pedestrian bridge over the Paint Branch near the Aviation Museum and Junior Champions Tennis Center 4. Support funding for Graduate student housing

(b) Policy Priorities: 1. Affordable and transitional housing program enhancements 2. Pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure program enhancements 3. Noise enforcement measures 4. Land Use and limited permitting Authority for local jurisdictions within Prince Georges County.

At next week’s meeting, the Council will consider adopting the Capital Project Priorities and the Policy Priorities listed above [or, as amended] as the City’s priorities for the 2023 Maryland legislative session.