City plans to help community projects like College Park Community Library through community services grants

In tonight’s work session, the Mayor and the Council will discuss this year’s community services grants to a number of local community organizations.

The purpose of the City of College Park Community Services Grant is to provide opportunities for community-based programs and projects.

The City provides these grants every year to fund programs and activities that promote enhanced community opportunities for its residents.

The City has $15,000 budgeted in FY 2012 to allocate among the applicants, and may give a maximum of $2,500 to each organization.

This year, the City received applications from 11 organizations requesting a total of $25,600, making this one of the most competitive years that the grant program has ever faced. A subcommittee has made the following recommendation to the Council to allocate the funds as follows:

  • Hollywood Elementary School, for family instructional nights – $1,260 (of $2,100 requested)
  • The National Museum of Language (for exhibit improvement and development) – $1,500 (of $2,500 requested)
  • The Lakeland Community Heritage Project (for Lakeland Heritage Weekend) – $1,750 (of $2,500 requested)
  • The American Legion Auxiliary, College Park Unit 217 (for scholarships) – $1,000 (of $2,500 requested)
  • Pregnancy Aid Centers, Inc. (for food pantry program) – $2,000 (of $2,500 requested)
  • Boy Scout Troop 298 (for leadership education for young men) – $1,000 (of $2,500 requested)
  • Cub Scout Troop 298 (to subsidize Cub Scout program) – $1,000 (of $2,500 requested)
  • College Park Woods Swim Club (for Senior Summer Day Camp) – $1,500 (of $2,500 requested)
  • Girl Scout Council Unit 23-5 (f/b/o Robert Boone) (for community garden of North College Park) – $500 (of $1,000 requested)
  • College Park Church of the Nazarene (for College Park community library) – $1,740 (of $2,500 requested)
  • Embry Center for Family Life (for Lakeland All-Stars Basketball Program) – $1,750 (of $2,500 requested)

Please let me know if you have any comments about these grants.