At tonight’s Council worksession, the City Council will review the draft sustainability plan.

The plan is aims to achieve the followings:

  • Reduce carbon emissions and other environmental and unhealthy impacts created by City operations
  • Coordinate sustainable practices across all City operations
  • Position the City as an organization receptive to innovation and leading practices in sustainability
  • Improve the quality of life for residents
  • Conserve financial and capital resources using a long-term perspective on investment.

It includes goals and recommended strategies for each of the following areas:

a. Solid Waste and Recycling

b. Buildings and Public Areas

c. City-wide Policies and Events

d. Fleet and Transportation


An Implementation Plan identifies the responsible departments and estimated timeframe and resources required to carry out the actions.

  •  Measure total consumption and include goal to reduce consumption, particularly of paper products.
  • Consider developing a telework policy.
  • Consider a “paperless” Council packet and a document archiving plan.
  • Review how the City plan fits with regional environmental commitments and goals.
  • Identify the short-term, low-cost steps in the plan.
  • Establish a LEED silver or gold standard for new City buildings.

Reducing the impact of City operations on the environment will be challenging and require changes in City functions, services and financial resources. With support from Council, commitment by staff, and excellent communications with residents, College Park can reduce its impact on the environment and become a regional leader in sustainability.