At tonight’s meeting, the Council will discuss options to cut cost and may consider approving future direction. If approved, the construction will move forward this year.

At the April 19 meeting, the City Council discussed different ways to cut the cost of the Gateway project. The This happened after the City found that an additional money will need to be added to the budget in order to proceed with the project. The Council discussed several options to cut cost by removing some features from the pavilion and staff has been in touch with the architect to obtain cost estimates on these options.

Related to the same project, the Council will hold a public hearing about the acquisition of the property located at 9814 47th Place as part of building the proposed Gateway Park. The City Council approved a contract of sale to acquire the property for a public purpose and authorized the Mayor to sign the contract. The proposed use of the property is to preserve open space and provide for installation and maintenance of, and access to, a City park.