Duvall Field

In tonight’s worksession, the Council will set to approve a request by the  Boys and Girls club to use the City’s two field spaces.

The College Park Boys and Girls Club (CPB&GC) uses Duvall Field and Calvert Hills Field for Spring and Summer athletic events such as softball, football, lacrosse, soccer, T-ball and baseball, in the evenings and on weekends.

The CPB&GC has submitted field use requests to the Recreation Board as required. The CPB&GC has submitted Duvall Field and Calvert Hills Field Use Request Applications for consideration. The requests are to hold various sports events and activities from February 1, 2012 through June 30, 2012 and include a request for use of the Duvall Field Concession Stand throughout the year for all sports events.

The City Council has determined that the CPB&GC should have precedence over all other field use requests. This is established by Council adoption of Section IV.2 of the City Recreation Facilities Rules and Regulations; the full text of which is available here on the City’s website .

It is customary that the Council approve the seasonal applications of the CPB&GC. The CPB&GC submitted the application in a timely manner however it was not reviewed by the Recreation Board until its March 2012 meeting. The Recreation Board has approved this request by a unanimous vote of the eight (8) members present at the March meeting.

The staff recommends the Field Use Requests from the CPB&GC be approved for the use of Duvall Field (and the Refreshment Stand) and Calvert Hills Field for 2012 Spring and Summer sports events, and that this item be placed on the Council’s Consent Agenda for March 27, 2012