At this week’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and Detailed Site Plan to redevelop the Quality Inn/Plato’s Diner Site located at 7200 Baltimore Avenue.

At the last Council meeting, City Council discussed the proposed project, which is a mixed-use development of 393 multifamily dwelling units and 72,971 square feet of retail. The subject property consists of approximately 5.73 acres located on the west side of Baltimore Avenue (US-1), bounded on the north by Hartwick Road and on the south by Guilford Road. The property is zoned MUI, DDOZ in the Walkable Node Character Area. The M-NCPPC Technical Staff Report is not yet available. The Planning Board is scheduled to hear these applications on Thursday, December 14th, 2017.

Staff recommends approving the preliminary plan with a few conditions, which includes access to the site, landscaping improvements, public art feature and streetscape improvements.

If approved, the site will generate approximately $370,000 in real property taxes for the City in the first year, however, the Applicant is seeking tax relief from the City over a 15-year period. Tax relief has also been requested from Prince George’s County and both requests are currently under review. The Council will discuss the tax relief proposal at a future meeting.