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Council Set to Approve BikeShare Program

Finally, College Park is about to get BikeShare. Next week, the Council will be approving the program with 125 bikes at 14 stations having 250 docks.

There is a strong possibility that north College Park will be getting two stations, possibly one at the MoM/REI shopping plaza and another at west of Greenbelt Metro station.

Here is a map of 10 bike share stations we were thinking back in 2013. We’re now thinking to have 14 stations – which means we can expand the system to north College Park.

Here is a picture I took of a bike that was demonstrated at last night’s Council worksession.


Here is a YouTube video on a similar bike share program in Cleveland. They use Zagster, the same vendor we’ll be ordering bikes from.

I’ll keep you posted as the project moves forward.


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  1. scott

    Will this bikeshare be compatible with the existing DC bikeshare key fobs?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Unfortunately not.

  3. Mike

    I understand that the grant money had to be used by a certain time, so this move had to be done, but I feel like having a different company than the rest of the DC Metro Area (Capital Bikeshare) will really hurt in the long run, but I guess there is no other option. Tough decision to make for sure.

  4. Sam

    i am a huge supporter of bike shares and biking in general, but this was a short sighted move. I think it would have been better to forfeit the grant money and wait a few years for another opportunity to join capital bike share.

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