At this week’s meeting, the Council will vote to approve the draft ballot language of the advisory ballot on a proposal to extend the Council term.

Late last year, the Council created a Charter Review Commission to evaluate the pros and cons of lengthening the term for the office of Mayor and Councilmembers to four years, solicit resident input on the matter, conduct other research as deemed appropriate and desirable by the Commission. At the July 2, 2019 Worksession, the Mayor and Council discussed the report and decided to place advisory questions on the ballot for the November 5 election. The City Attorney and staff have worked on advisory ballot questions with respect to whether voters support 1) two- or four-year terms for Mayor and Council and 2) staggered or concurrent terms for Council in the case of four-year terms.

Here is the draft language the Council will consider to approve.
The Mayor and Council of the City of College Park currently serve two-year terms. They are seeking your input on two questions: 1) Should there be two- or four-year terms? and 2) If the terms are four years, should they run concurrently (resulting in an election for all City elected officials every four years), or should they be staggered (resulting in an election every two years for one Council seat from each district, and every four years for the Mayor)? Even if you do not support it if a four-year term were enacted in the future by the Mayor and Council, would you prefer concurrent or staggered terms?

Vote for One:
Q1: I support two-year terms for Mayor and City Council
Q2: I support four-year terms for Mayor and City Council

If City Council terms were changed to four-years:
Vote for One:
Q3: I would prefer staggered terms for the City Council
Q4: I would prefer concurrent terms for the City Council