College Park Waiver District

In tonight’s Council meeting, the Council will consider approving a letter to the 21st District Delegation supporting a revision to a Bill in the Public Local Laws in Maryland titled “Prince George’s County School Facilities Surcharge – Exemption.”

The original Bill (Senate Bill 582) was passed in 2007.

The purpose of this bill was to allow an exemption from the school facilities surcharge in Prince George’s County for certain multi-family housing designated as student housing, in order to encourage more student housing projects in areas close to the District.

In a discussion during a previous worksession, the Council decided it would be useful to take another look at the waiver districts to see if it is appropriate to continue to provide waivers for multi-family student housing projects in these areas.

The current waiver areas include (please see the map):

  • the East Campus project and the part of Old Town just south and east of Fraternity row,
  • the entire campus of the University of Maryland, the area just southwest of the corner of Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane,
  • the Lakeland area south of Berwyn House Road and west of Rhode Island Ave.,
  • the Branchville area west of 48th Ave. and between Route 193 and Greenbelt Road, and
  • the Autoville are north of Route 193 up to the Mazza Grand Marc development, east of Autoville Road.

The Council will consider sending a request to the District 21 State Assembly delegation to remove the Lakeland, Old Town, East Campus, and Autoville areas from the fee waiver area.