At last night’s meeting, the City Council continued to discuss the increases in volume and costs associated with Special and Bulk Trash collections. Included the FY 19 budget was funding for a solid waste study to evaluate the City’s solid waste collection program. Overall, the consultant (SCS Engineers) proposes the followings (a) City should avoid collection of materials that have not been scheduled or properly prepared. (b) City should avoid collection construction/demolition debris and other materials generated through contractor services whether generated at the property or another location. (c) To protect collection staff, the City should require organized piles of materials, contained sharp objects (such as broken glass), plastic-covered mattresses, and weight limits.

For Bulky Refuse, SCS recommends the following limits to balance quality service with the need to control costs and reduce program abuses: (1) Limit curbside collections to four annually (2) Limit each collection to five items (3) For excess service needs , encourage residents to use established programs, such as: (a) Clean up events at the Public Works Facility on multiple Saturdays in spring and fall. (b) The Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill in Upper Marlboro, MD. (4) Residents should pay $20 per item when requesting more than four annual collections or more than five items per collection. (5) Charge residents a $100 fee in order to have overweight items collected with the boom truck.