Council requested additional $100K for Contract police program

In the two worksessions we had past two Saturdays, Council made a number of additions to the exiting budget. They include

  • Additional $100 for contrat police program
  • $25K for business recycling incentive program
  • $20K for noise control enforcement
  • $20K for Duvall Field netting work
  • Put funds in the budget to increase the number of trees that the City can plant in our community
  • Put in funds to support the start of the College Park Academy public charter school
  • Put in a small amount of funds for a City Council retreat sometime in the next year
  • Small fund for College Park Community Foundation
  • Increase funds for Meals on Wheels

The budget also includes a 2% COLA for staff and a 2.5% merit increase for employees who meet required standards.

Please let me know if you have any questions