Council work session

In tonight’s work session, the Mayor and Council will discuss the following items:

Poll Hours: Following last week’s election, there have been some concerns on the poll hours in College Park Municipal election. Though starting polls early would allow more residents to participate, the BOES (Board of Election supervisors) thinks that finding poll workers would be a challenge. We’ll hear argument on both sides on this.

Carfritz development: The council will discuss the latest on the development of the Carfritz property in Riverdale. The developer wants to change the zoning of the development from “residential” to M-U-TC (Mixed use town center), however the surrounding residents have a number of concerns, in particular increase of traffic on Route 1 and negative impact on environment.

Sunnyside Skate Park: The Park and Planning has made a request to the City to take additional charge in maintaining the Sunnyside Skate Park, which will soon open in north college Park. The City will discuss to see if they’d agree to that request.

New School: As part of the City-University partnership, the City is going to submit a letter of intent to the County to start a Charter school. Though the letter is not specific about the location of the school, but rumors have it that it will be at the place of old Friends school on Calvert Road. The school will be funded entirely by the county, thus the City will not be involved in terms of bearing the cost.

Senior Survey: We will hear survey results from Spellman House, a senior citizen residence in Lakeland. Last month, a similar survey was conducted among residents in another senior citizen place, called Attick Tower. The survey will include a number of issues concerning the safety and maintenance matters.