At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will discuss a plan to decorate City’s main streets in order to make College Park more welcoming to visitors.

The City Council budgeted $11,000 to create and install City banners on light and potentially utility poles in business districts, entrances and City facilities.

These banners would welcome visitors to the City and showcase the City’s many amenities and attractions. The 4×10 customized banner offers ample space for your message. Banners may feature Lake Artemesia, the College Park Aviation Museum and Airport, farmers markets, mBike, the JTCC and College Park Tennis Club and much more. (please see some of the concept designs below)

The banners can also shine a light on the City’s history and further illustrate the City’s mark on the region. The banners will aid in the City’s beautification and place-making.

The City has explored where and how the banners should be installed in business districts, shopping areas, City facilities and around City entrances. Please see some potential locations on the map below.

The banners would be installed in phases because of the limitations of current City light poles in our business districts.

Currently, most of the City’s pedestrian light poles are unable to withstand any added weight. In order to install banners in the selected areas, light poles in strategic locations would have to be replaced with those that can hold heavier weight loads. Installation of banners along entrances would be on utility poles and may require permission or an MOU with Pepco.

The Council will discuss the approach and themes of City banners, and  other possible themes or images. The Council may also consider creating a capital improvement program (CIP) fund to replace select pedestrian light poles with those that could hold City banners.