Prince George's Police

Prince George’s Police

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will decide whether to approve award of a contract for a Public Safety and Police Services Study.

We often get asked by many residents about the prospect of establishing a police department in College Park, and thus we were very pleased to see the study item in the current budget.

$67,261 was allocated in the FY2017 budget to perform the study. The study as proposed will

  • Analyze the adequacy of police services currently provided in the City and making recommendation for alternatives
  • Assess the effectiveness of the City’s investment in security cameras
  • Identify potential means to improve crime prevention and public perception of safety, and
  • Explore the potential use of PG County’s Public Safety Communications (9-1-1) call center and other options for City emergency response during non-business hours.

I’m still trying to find out if the scope of work (SOW) will include the following:

  • It’s true that the SOW mentions the possibility of establishing a municipal police dept, but it appears that it will not study the cost of establishing it. The cost figures were in the 2007 Matrix report and our expectations were that the new study would update the figures in the 2007 Matrix report.
  • The 2007 report also studied the tax differential we’d be getting from the County if we establish our own police department. Will the current study look into this?
  • The scope talks about the police response time. These numbers will most likely include the response rate from both the PGPD and the contract police , and not only the PGPD. Unfortunately, without knowing the PGPD response time, it has been very difficult to assess their performance. Our residents actually spend a lot more on the PGPD than the contract police and it’s important to see we’re getting the best service for what our residents are paying!