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Council Plans to Prohibit Trucks on Certain Streets

truck-map-d1Back in May, a resident of Cheyenne Place told us that for the second time an 18 wheeler came through her neighborhood and this time ripped the Verizon wires from her house. On June 2, 2016, a third oversized truck reportedly drove along Cheyenne Place, this time without doing damage to the overhead utilities. Cheyenne Place is located directly across from an industrial zoned area.

The City Public Works facility, Stone Industrial, and a warehouse with many tenants are located across from Cheyenne Place. Staff believes these oversized truck occurrences on Cheyenne Place are because the truck drivers were lost and could not find their way back to Rhode Island Avenue.

At that time, we requested to install “No Through Truck” signs on Cheyenne Place, Cree Lane, and Delaware Street to prevent large trucks from driving on these residential streets. Upon investigation, the City Manager and City Attorney suggested an Ordinance be adopted to establish the City’s authority to designate No Through Truck traffic on its streets.

On August 9, 2016 the Mayor and Council adopted an ordinance 16-O-06, No Through Truck Traffic, which authorizes the City Council to designate by Resolution certain City streets as No Through Truck routes, providing that an alternate truck route is so designated. Also, during the development of the Monument project on Baltimore Avenue in 2014, it was decided by the Councilmembers of the District 4 that “No Through Truck” be established in the residential neighborhood adjoining the development on Autoville Drive.

As a result, Erie Street and Cherokee Street have been included in this resolution. Additionally, in addressing the pedestrian safety issues around the new Toll Brothers/Terrapin Row development, and after receiving letters from two churches along Guilford Drive expressing concerns about providing a safe and defined crossing for the many students that cross this intersection, City staff is recommending that “No Through Truck” also be established on eastbound Guilford Drive from eastbound Mowatt Drive and southbound Knox Road.


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  1. Susan Huemmrich

    So, what is the proposed route for a truck going from Davis Hall & Stone Industries to Route 1? I hope not thru another residential area without sidewalks like Indian or Fox. Please advise.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Susan, The alternate truck route in this area will be through Black foot Rd. Please see the map above. Thank you.

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