In the FY 16 budget, Mayor and Council budgeted an $80,000 line item for educational enhancement of neighborhood public schools. There are 10 neighborhood public schools with at least 14 College Park children. They include:

  1. Hollywood Elementary
  2. Paint Branch Elementary
  3. Greenbelt Middle
  4. Parkdale High School
  5. Berwyn Heights Elementary
  6. Cherokee Lane Elementary
  7. University Park Elementary
  8. Buck Lodge Middle
  9. Hyattsville Middle and
  10. High Point High School.

The Education Advisory Committee discussed the funds available and has made three recommendations:

  1. That each of the 10 neighborhood schools be allotted up to $5,000 (total: $50,000) to support academic achievement by aligning dollars with each individual school’s Data Wise, a new Prince George’s County Public School literacy initiative.
  2. That each of the 10 neighborhood schools be eligible for a $1,000 grant (total: $10,000) to support the school appointing a staff person to communicate the good news of the school on a regular basis. Upon Council approval, details would be developed.
  3. That each of the 4 schools with the highest percentage of College Park students receive an additional $5,000 to support their technology needs ( total: $20,000). These Tier 1 schools are Hollywood, Paint Branch, Greenbelt Middle and Parkdale High. Of the 737 College Park students attending public elementary school 45% or 330 of the 737 attend Hollywood and 33% or 245 attend Paint Branch. Of the 200 College Park students attending public middle school, 86% or 172 attend Greenbelt Middle and of the 329 College Park students attending public high school, 65% or 214 attend Parkdale.