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Council Okays Greenbelt Agreement Without Footbridge

The pedestrian bridge at the end of Berwyn Rd. The Council removed the language to build a similar bridge in north College Park near Greenbelt Metro development

In last night’s regular meeting, the Council approved an agreement between the City and the proposed Greenbelt south Core developer (CRM). The original agreement was amended to exclude the part that talks about the pedestrian bridge.
Several residents came to the meeting to speak against the bridge, one resident spoke in favor of it. Several other residents also sent us emails expressing their opinions.
Residents who support the bridge think that it would have been a good addition to the community because it may give them easier access to the amenities in the new development.
On the other hand, residents who opposed it thought the bridge would serve as an additional access point to invite crime to the community. Assuming the bridge is built at the end of Huron street, they also think that the bridge may turn a quite neighborhood into a busy street.
Council member Wojahn and I thought the issue of including a footbridge is a controversial one and thus it was better to exclude that part from the agreement.
Event without the reference to the bridge, the agreement will have references to other neighborhood improvement projects, such as the improvement of public facilities, landscaping projects, streetscaping, building of sidewalks/crosswalks, traffic calming measures, and park improvements
That said, I thank everyone for coming out to the meeting last night. I know it’s not easy to come to council meeting after a long day of work. I also thank all who wrote to us.


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  1. David

    The idea that a pedestrian bridge would bring crime to North CP is patently ridiculous, especially in light of the fact the new development will be relatively high-end. Regardless, this issue is fairly overblown given the fact that the similar bridge at the end Berwyn Rd. takes forever to cross and is hardly ever used.

  2. George David

    Thankful there will not be a bridge. I was really worried it would allow crime from North College Park to come into the Greenbelt area.

  3. Sue Reilly

    I’d have to agree with George. It’s the people in Greenbelt who have to worry about a bridge bringing crime to their area not the other way around.

  4. scott

    I live in the new development and see no benefit of having a foot bridge over the tracks. It appears to serve no purpose for both College Park and Greenbelt residents since there are no amenities in either direction. It’s just as quick to cross along greenbelt road , and the footbridge wouldn’t serve much of a convenience.

    I think those in favor of the bridge really need to take a step back and think if it really provides any benefits rather than just think it might be a nice thing.

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