Council Narrows Down Options on Future Home of City Hall

In last night’s worksession, the City Council discussed the location for a new City Hall and to proceed with the design of the project.

Options available to the City include
1) continue “as-is” with the current City Hall expansion plan;
2) reconsider a previous plan to build an additional building on the City Hall site to be connected by one or two “wings” with a courtyard (or “City Hall Plaza”) in the middle;
3) redesign City Hall to eliminate re-use of the existing building and allow for additional development on the site; and
4) develop a new City Hall plan and design at the Calvert Road site.

Among the four options, the Council decided to look into only options 1 and 4, between the current site and the Calvert Road site.

The staff was asked to look into finding more information on the following site selection criteria:
1. Appropriateness of this use for the location (zoning and land use classification)
2. Development and permitting requirements
3. Ability of site to accommodate building program (28,000-36,000 square feet of office, 60-80 parking spaces and public plaza or green)
4. Visibility and accessibility,
5. Opportunity for the prominent civic presence
6. The estimated revenue-generating capacity of the site not selected
7. Total cost
8. Schedule and timing

The Council will discuss these findings in a future worksession.

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