In the past, the Council used to pay a grant fund of $80,000 to College Park Academy (CPA). Because of organizational change, the CPA told us they did not need this grant money and thus, the Council put this $80,000 in a general fund called educational improvement fund in our FY16 budget.

At April 28, 2015 meeting, the Council asked the EAC to make recommendations for the use of the funds. At the October 25, 2015, Council meeting, the Council reviewed the EAC’s three recommendations for use of the funds and asked the EAC to revisit their recommendations and in addition to providing resources to the neighborhood schools, consider including College Park Academy in their recommendations.

There are 10 neighborhood schools in College Park who have at least 14 College Park children enrolled.

In response, the EAC reduced by $1,250 each the technology monies previously allocated to the four schools with the largest College Park student population and added College Park Academy as an additional school to receive $5,000 for each school’s literacy improvement initiative.

Education Advisory Committee is recommending the use of City’s budgeted $80,000 in the following manner: 1) That each of the ten neighborhood schools and College Park Academy be eligible for up to $5,000 for implementation of each school’s student literacy improvement plan. These monies may be used for professional development opportunities including substitutes and/or the purchase of relevant books or instructional materials ($55,000). 2) That each of the 10 neighborhood schools be eligible for up to a $1,000 based on the submission of an identified staff person within the school to communicate the good news of the school on a regular basis ($10,000). 3) That each of the four schools with the highest percentage of College Park students (Hollywood Elementary, Paint Branch Elementary, Greenbelt Middle, and Parkdale High School) be eligible for up to $3,750 each to address technology needs ($15,000).

The Council will discuss whether to spend $80,000 to our local schools as recommended by the EAC. If granted, the grant payment will be in addition to $60,000 that we‘ve been paying yearly to local schools.