Council Mulls Safety Camera Subsidy Program

At last night’s meeting, the City Council discussed a plan about partnering with camera vendor(s) to encourage residents adopting more safety and surveillance ceameras on their properties.

Recently, I found that the City of Arcadia extended its partnership with Ring to provide discounts for local residents and business owners who wish to purchase select home security devices. Funded by the City of Arcadia and Ring, the $25,000 program will enable 500 verified Arcadia residents and business owners to receive a $100 promotional discount towards select Ring security devices. The rebate program will kick off with a launch event today.

Staff will gather more information about a similar program and present at a meeting in January next year.

In the past, Staff has considered some model programs such as establishing a registry where residents and businesses could add their addresses to a list and provide police with access to any video evidence of criminal activity; and, establishing a rebate program to supplement the purchase cost of a residential or business security camera system which is added to a registry of such systems. Staff thinks that Adopting one of these would require software programming to automate the process, software maintenance, and staff time dedicated to updating the registry and managing rebate payments. A registry would need to be updated at least annually, and each time there was an owner or tenant change, new system or abandonment of an existing system. PGPD is not considering such programs. Since it is standard investigative practice to canvass an area after a crime and ask owners of nearby cameras to provide any relevant video, a registry may not be necessary to identify possible security camera evidence.

Council also agreed on a pilot project to offer rewards to businesses and residents who provide video or photographic evidence leading to the arrest or apprehension of crime suspects. Funding of $1,000.00 is recommended to provide for 10 rewards of $100.00. This funding would be provided during the remaining FY ’19 from existing budgeted contract police program funds. If successful, funds will be proposed for the FY ‘20 to expand the program as indicated by pilot project results.

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