At today’s Council meeting, the City Council will continue to discuss how to effectively use funds to support education in College Park.

In the previous worksession, many of the Council members expressed an interest in using a portion of this year’s additional $80,000 Educational Improvement monies for additional scholarships to this year’s applicants who didn’t receive a scholarship to attend Summer camp at the University of Maryland because the requests far exceeded the resources.

According to staff, the deadline less than ½ of the 90+ applicants received scholarships. If that is the case, then Council action would be required and the cost to provide for all of this year’s applicants would be just under $20,000.

In addition to spending more on College Park’s students, we’ll also discuss the idea of supporting our local County schools collaboratively at the upcoming meeting of the Four Cities Coalition, which includes College Park, Greenbelt, Berwyn Heights and New Carrollton.